A study in GIFs / GIF-Vertising

GIFs have been around for a while, but only in recent years has their usage come in to pop-culture with people creating subtitled snippets of TV shows, movies and so called re-action GIFs for sharing purposes on various social networks. 

Yet they haven't featured much outside of their realm, the internet.

Based on anecdotal evidence tumblr can be credited with being the largest GIF content aggregators as well being preferred over Facebook by teens making a GIF and tumblr based campaign an ideal choice.

Taking it into the physical...

Below is an example of how it could be done, taking something inherently internet in to the 'real world'.

America's Next Top Model has huge exposure on tumblr and other social networks, with many homemade GIFs uploaded. Taking the GIF in to the physical world (as seen below) opens up a new kind of narrative that can be told. The content, in this case needs to be custom made to ensure the maximum can be achieved given the dimensions of the medium available.

A Tumblr search for #ANTM or America's Next Top Model would show sponsored GIFs amongst other user uploads based on geographic location so appropriate information is served. 

...but tying it to the digital